Monday, November 1, 2010

Lottery Win Strategy # 4: You need a system. The importance of a lotto system.

     I saved the most IMPORTANT lottery winning strategy for last.  In the first three sections I basically gave some tips that was shared to me that are effective.  But, I left something out, or should I say they did not share with me that I had to find out on my own.  There was no real fool proof plan for me to win with they discussed to me.  They simply shared what worked for them and I believe would work for me and everyone who is reading this.

What if after several months of trying these techniques you found out that they were not effective would you give up on the lotto?  I pose this question because I am a realist we all don't have the patience and the instant something doesn't seem to work we give up all together.  I didn't want this to happen to you so I did some research and found out that every strategy needs a system.  This fact is never more relevant than in the lotto. 
                                                                                                                                                                So to aid you I am recommending the  Silver lotto system.  

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  Unlike other lotto systems that function in complex configurations the silver lotto system is done in plain english with easy steps that you can follow.  The testomonies of people have used it makes buying it a no brainer.   But if you are still skeptical there is a money back guarantee;  so if you think I am bias  you can get your money back if it dosen't work.  So there you have it.   The only thing left is to put these lottery winning strategies in to work and receive your wins.

Lottery Winning Strategy 3: Play your favorite #s and a easy pick for a fewer choice game.

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So what am I am referring to here?   Well a picture is worth a thousand words so I have included my friendly gentlemen to the right holding some winning tickets to illustrate.  
Each one of us has several numbers we use on a regular basis.  The numbers put on the end of an email address or a 4 digit code for a lock box it can even be the numbers for your address or zip code. 

  Find the numbers that are dearest to you and use them in a lotto game that has a low number of choices for you to choose from.  Ideally the game you would play would be your pick 3, or pick 4, play half of the ticket with your numbers and then try half with the numbers the computer would generate. 

If you do not have any numbers that you consider special than I would recommend visiting 
three wish , this site is catered to helping you find your lucky numbers and the best part it is totally free.  Be sure to follow the lost limit strategy outlined in the previous section when playing the lower choice game.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Lottery Winning Strategy #2: Play two separate games and set a limit on what you are willing to loose.

“Whoa Whoa I thought you were going to tell me how to win now your suggesting set some money on
 I can hear the protests, but believe me its impossible to win every game.  Every professional sports player, gambler, business owner goes in with the expectation of winning, however they understand that loosing is part of the process of winning.  So if you have this in the fore front of your mind your chances of winning just went up by 50%.  So set a limit on how much your going to loose.  I don’t know what your budget is but let’s say you have $20.00 set a side to play the lotto this month.  A reasonable loss limit would be 40-60% of that budget. So in our example of $20 dollars the amount you would be expected to have lost between $10-$12 dollars. 

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Now that we have the amount what we expect to loose here comes the fun part.  This kindly gentleman represents the fun part on the two game lottery winning strategy.

 Play two separate games of the lotto this increases your chances 100 fold.  The particular games are up to you.  For instance if your game of choice is the mega millions then play the mega millions game and a scratch off ticket.  The greatest difference between the two games could offer you a higher chance of winning.  Now lets address the amount of money to spend, again this is up to you.  But to make things easy let’s use the $20.00 we mentioned earlier.  I would suggest splitting the amount of money evenly between the two games.  So $10 dollars for the mega millions game and $10 dollars for scratch offs.  Be sure to track the results.  Try this strategy for 3 months and tally your results.  It’s important to give the plan enough time to judge your result.

Lottery Winning Strategy #1: Set a Goal for yourself.

The biggest error you can make when playing the lotto is as it was expressed to me was not having a goal.  Goals are essential in winning this game.  We all have heard this phrase at least once in our life:  “Success in life is determined by the goals you set forth for your self”.  This is vitally important in playing the lotto.  So if you are new to the process and your belief is low set something you think you can achieve.  The goal could be to win $50 bucks this month.    I know that amount doesn’t get you up in the morning, but think amount that can and set it as a goal.  The goal must be able to be seen and visualized every day. 

 Put the amount of money you want to win on your mirror or refrigerator.  I have included a picture of a referigerator to emphasize the point. 
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 Sounds corky but this element so many people are missing in their chances of winning.  So don’t leave this step out.  Without setting a goal for what you want to win you are basically throwing your money away. 

Lottery Winning Strategies

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  Do you see this guy to my right?  His face and emotions best represents how I was feeling just a short time ago.  Like most Americans I have been creamed by the economy.  I was busted
I really needed a couple of hundred dollars to pay a bill.  I was living pay check to pay check and was desperately looking for a strategy to get some cash.  I do not mean illegally but something where if I could invest a small amount of money and it would give me a return that I could count on. 

      I was not interested in building a business or playing stocks but something fast and simple that could be duplicated again and again to handle some of my bills.  There is an old saying that states “If you seek it you will find it”. 
That’s exactly what I did but I found my answer to my problem in the oddest places: " The lotto”.   I know I thought the same thing “yeah right” but I am glad I was wrong and opened up my mind to take in more information.  

      I began the journey with needing some money quickly so I talked to two people who at times earned money without working for it in the traditional sense.  These two individuals was my mother in law and a colleague from my wife’s job.  Each one shared to me how they were able to obtain quick sums of money consistently from the lotto   
     At first I was skeptical but that all changed when they told me how often they won and for the sums.  The doubt was gone I wanted to know their secret.  They explained to me each their winning strategies, but that was not the best part. 
     Even though these two people never met before they basically had a similar game plan on winning.  I was dumb founded I had to share this with someone else these strategies as well as try them myself.   They really did not understand the magnitude of what they shared with me.  The greatest thing for you by reading this is you are getting these winning lottery strategies for free.